Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Me Made May 2016: Finale

Hi Everyone!
I loved participating in Me Made May 2016 challenge..
Thanks to Zoe
Have come across so many like minded people around the world..
Made friends..
Learnt new things..
Was appreciated..
And had tons and tons of fun..

(Click the image for a larger view)

So you All know
What I wore in May 2016

Hope to keep all my old and new found friends..
Keep visiting my blog..
Easy way is to follow me in some form
E-mail suscribe, Pinterest, Google+, Facebook, Twitter.....
Love to meet You again and again..


  1. All your outfits are awsome!! i follow you almost since the beginner of mmmay, I liked all your clothes and i have seen your blog, you have another fan!! Congratulation for your challenge well done!!

    1. Thank you Edith! Been to your blog too..So much your creations there. Am very glad to have found friends. Do stay in touch!