Saturday, 14 May 2016

Me Made May 2016: Day 14

Hi Everyone!
Hope You all have a lovely bright happy day today!

I once went to a shopping mall and saw a similar top on one of the high end showrooms..
I kept the image in my mind..
And as soon as I reached home drew it on paper.
Then this is what I made with the help of my mother..

The top is made of sunny golden yellow pure cotton fabric
I sew and
My mother did the crochet and embroidery..
O! You must see her speed and neatness in embroidery and crochet.
The sleeves are open, just attached with little pleats on the shoulder.
There is just one hook concealed by crochet in front.
The crochet highlights the sleeves, neck and lower border..
Clover leaves are embroidered on chest, back and near lower border.

Yellow with touches of green make a very refreshing combo..
The dress instantly peps me up

Hope you too like it..
See you tomorrow..


  1. I love it, great color, and the crochet and embroidery by your mom is beatiful!!!

    1. Thank you Edith! The top has a very refreshing feel every time I wear it. Like your appreciation!