Friday, 7 March 2014


Hi! just so late in posting this time :(. To compensate I bring out to you a recipe by me tried out recently and very successfully. Am not a great cook, but like to experiment and some do turn out very well. Worst part I forget what I did. My hubby always asks me to note the recipe down, me a lazy one, no sooner the food is eaten I forget to jot it down. This time I did it, and with pics.

Chicken legs(upto thigh joint) with skin 2nos
Chicken wings(upto shoulder joint) with skin 2nos
Dill leaves (finely chopped) 2 tbs
Black pepper (freshly ground) 2 tbs
Salt 1 tbs
Garlic cloves 6nos
Butter 1" cube
Strings to tie

1. Mix the dill, pepper and salt together and keep aside
2. Clean and pat dry the chicken pieces and set aside

3. With your finger make space between the flesh and the skin

4. Now lift the skin with one hand and rub in the herb-spice mix onto flesh well with the other hand

5. Take 6 garlic cloves with skin on

6. Place the garlic clove on a flat surface and crush it under the flat part of knife with a blow of your wrist. Tuck in each piece of garlic under the skin on each side of chicken piece.

7. Try to cover the chicken pieces well with skin and then tie up with string

8. Heat up a shallow pan with lid. Place butter in it, when hot. Place the chicken pieces on it, cover and cook on low heat

9. After 5 min. check for cooking, and turn to other side. Again cover and cook. Cook till the skin is crispy brown and flesh is tender and white till the bone(check by poking in the sharp tip of knife into the flesh)

10. The skin becomes crispy and waffery, the flesh inside stays soft and full of lovely flavors of dill, pepper and butter.  Now cut off the cords of chicken and plate it up.

Viola its ready.
Believe me very tasty..
Um. m.. m...

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