Saturday, 7 May 2016

Me Made may 2016: Day 7

Hi Friends!

Today am back with a long gypsy or bohemian style skirt..
 I love the free flowing feel around me..

The skirt is made of printed chiffon fabric taken out from my mother's used saree worn over an underskirt..

Design: Gypsy or Bohemian
Measure the waist at naval level and add some extra inches to make the waist band
As you notice the skirt is made in 5 tiers
Measure the length from naval to heel for total length of skirt
Divided total length of skirt by 5 to get width of each tier
Tier1: Waist measure + 0.5 metre
Tier2: Tier1 + 1 metre
Tier3: Tier2 + 1 metre
Tier4: Tier3 + 1 metre

Tier5: Tier4 + 1 metre
Sew them one after the other as the image drawn with pleats.
Put elastic in waist band
And you are ready to go..
The top here is also sewn by me
But let me talk about it tomorrow..
See you then..

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