Monday, 30 May 2016

Me Made May 2016: Day 30

Hi! Namashkar!
Just two days left and now I want to share so much..
Am Indian
And my wardrobe can never be complete without Sarees..
I believe
All women look beautiful in Saree irrespective of their sizes, shapes or colour..
Its a graceful garment..

Why this Saree?
I had bought 5 and half metres of plain orange Khadi silk Saree and painted it..
Shakuntala and Dushyant story scene is depicted in Pulla or Aanchal..
The jeweleries have been  embroidered in gold threads and sequins..
All around the border there are beautiful deers painted in the garden..

The blouse or top that I wear here is made of self woven pattern cotton fabric in red. It is the same fabric used by me to make the kurta I wore on Day 10
I highlighted the woven pattern with simple run stitches with beige colour threads.
The blouse is ordinary front open darted blouse,
But, back is interesting
It appears to be back open due to beige buttons sewn in with red threads
And asymmetric neck..

I love the entire ensemble
Hope you too..
See you tomorrow with interesting twist..


  1. This is amazing ! Can't wait to see what you have got planned for the grand finale :)

    1. Hi Deepa! Visited your blog Black Tulip. Beautiful creations you have made! We have so much in common. Love your kids. I too have two kids Going to be 8yrs old daughter and a 6 and 1/2 yrs old son. I keep creating many kinds of thing for and with them. Thank you for your appreciation..Keep visiting..