Friday, 3 June 2016


Hi All!
The month of June brings summer vacation to my kids..
So we do crafts, plays and read new things..
Am going to share some of the good crafts me and my adorable kids make this Summer Together...
How about a happy butterfly fairy in your garden
 Before starting collect all you need:
Empty tissue paper roll (else roll up a card board)
Any Colour paper
 Felt tip or sketch pens
White Card paper
White glue
Shiny colour tape
Googly eyes
Match sticks

To begin
Mark the height of tissue paper roll on card paper
This is the maximum height of the wings
Now draw symmetrical wings of butterfly with any pattern
Then using black felt pen draw the final outlines

Use crayons to fill in the colours
Can also use sequins on the wings
Cut out the wings from card paper

Now its turn to make the body
1. Cover the body with any coloured paper and fix it with glue
You can put coloured tape to add features as crown, dress..
Draw the features of butterfly with pencil
2. Next glue or tape the match sticks to make the antenae
Also stick the googly eyes
3. Use felt pens to do detailing of face and dress
4. Use touches of crayon to add depth like in dress and facial make-up

Now time for patience
Stick the body to the wings with glue
Wait till its well dry

Isn't she a beauty?

 My kids Aarotrika and Adhrit had loads of fun making this Butterfly
Hope you too
Shall come back with some more craft...

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