Saturday, 27 August 2016


Hi Everybody!
Today in the green series, am going to share with you how I made a faux malachite green box and recoloured my lamp shade..

Lets start with the malachite box
Materials used are:
A small wooden box
Emerald green, black and white acrylic colours
Little alcohol
Sand paper and a soft cloth
Flat fan brush or round tip brush

Start by sanding the the box with sand paper to remove any traces of polish.
Next dab a little alcohol on a soft cloth and clean the metallic areas to free them from any polish or dirt

Now there are two ways of adding colour:
1. Drop green, black and white in random array next to each other as shown, then using flat fan brush pick colour and swirl all around the surface of box in curvy motions to form a pattern OR
2. As the box is small I preferred to use a simple round tip brush to paint the pattern.

The images bellow show how the colour curves move in continuity from one surface to the other. Also neatly fill colour in between metal pieces, such that no piece of wood is seen.

My little malachite box now sits pretty here and there in my living room

Well long back I painted a fabric lined lamp shade in terracotta base colour with
Kalamkari style designs
Now the lamp does not stand out in my current room decor..
So I painted over to change the look of this shade

I used emerald green to cover the terracotta colour of the back ground

See the difference
My lamp shade got a new life

Here is a glimpse of my table top with the malachite box under the green lamp shade..
Hope you all like my series of green accessories..
Green has a lovely calming effect..

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