Thursday, 1 September 2016


Season's changing!
Let us invite AUTUMN!
Today am going to make a folder in colours of Autumn..

Look at the lovely handmade papers
Great textures..
Rich colours..
 Materials needed:
Handmade paper in A3 size
(Used here are Deep red heavy textured, Deep red light textured, Saffron textured and Off white thin paper with marigold petals in it)
Deep red with white dots half inch wide satin ribbon
Craft zig-zag scissors
Plane scissors
Ruler, pencil, pen
and white craft glue

First take the heavy textured Deep red paper and neatly fold it into half to look like a folder. This can contain A4 size papers easily
Next measure and mark the Off white paper such that it is smaller than the folded folder by one inch or 2.5cm from all four edges.
Cut the off white paper with the zig-zag scissors.
Dab a little glue here and there and stick the off white paper on top of front side of folder neatly taking care so as to leave the same margin on all four sides.

Now for the inside pocket of folder
Cut a piece of less textured deep red paper which is half inch+inside width of folded folder+half inch in width and three inches+half inch in height.
Fold the half inches from all three sides to get a pocket.
On the back side of the paper draw few leaves just on the top open edge of pocket.

Neatly cut it out.

If you are making more than one folder or cards, you can use this cut out as stencil to make new designs.. 

Now take the saffron paper and cut it such that it fits in the pocket with about one inch peeping out of pocket.
Draw the rest of the leaves in continuity to the red paper.

Cut the leaves on the edge with plain scissors and the rest of edge with zig-zag scissors.

Put glue along the edge of the inside of red paper the stick the saffron paper

Glue the pocket to the bottom of the inside of folder on right side just half inch  from the bottom like this image bellow.

Task at hand now in to keep the folder or invitation closed when not in use.
Cut strip of saffron paper with zig-zag scissors one inch wide and double the folder width long.
Cut ribbon the double the folder width plus extra enough to tie a bow.

Neatly paste the ribbon in the middle of the saffron paper.

Keep your papers in the pocket, close the folder and neatly tie your new ribbon in the center..
This lovely design can be used to make folders to keep your important papers, invitation cards, menu cards or even greeting cards.

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