Wednesday, 3 August 2016


Hello there!
In most parts of northern hemisphere now summers are going away or are gone.
In India we have Monsoon, the rainy season now..
All is fresh and lush green...

So even I thought of bringing a little green inside my home.
I made Green cushion covers
Green lamp shade
Green decorative boxes
Green tray
along with
Green throw
Green predominant painting
Green foliage in pots and Green wine bottle
Green edged doilies
Green tea set.....

Well, today I shall share as to how I made the cushion covers.
Started with some fabric scraps I had at home
A yellow cotton fabric with embroidered green check pattern for the back,
Green satin for the front
and a salvaged saree border lace

 Cut out adequate size square for my 18 x 18 inches cushion with seam allowances
Neatly sew the border all around the square, especially around the corners
Made the back portion and sew them up just as I did in my previous post of CUSHION COVER: FAST & EASY!

 Now its done
Sitting pretty on my sofa

 Oh! You see these two lumber cushions?
Their front is also made from the left over saree border lace..
Cut to desired measure(here width of cushion) and stitched alongside another lace again and again till desired length of cushion is achieved. Just take a little care about symmetry of the designs in the lace.

I love lumber pillows
So does my back

 I did this water colour painting, the year we got married

Well I brought GREEN into my home using Green accents
Hope you like it
Next few post am going to share how I made the decorative boxes, tray and lampshade

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  1. Green is so very pretty! You cushions and painting are beautiful. Thank you for sharing with Home Sweet Home!