Friday, 12 August 2016


Hi Everyone!
Last few days it had been drizzling throughout the day.
Today the sun is struggling to peep in...

Today am going to share how I made this little green curio box

 All the materials, I found lying around in my home
Materials needed:
A suitable box( here I used a can like box which in past came with bandage; it has cardboard body and metal top and bottom)
Green handmade paper (am reusing wedding invitation card with golden tassle)
Craft glue
One wooden bead
Golden glitter gel pen
Green felt tip pen
Golden and green paint (acrylic or oil)
Ruler, pencil, scissors and brush.

 Measure the body of the box, cut appropriate size paper and neatly stick it.
For the lid, cut out the circular piece of paper.
Paint the bead in golden colour
fix the tassle through the bead
Now paste the paper on the lid and paint the edges of the lid with green paint such that no bare metallic area is seen
Stick the bead with tassle in the center of the lid to work as decorative handle

Next using green felt pen and golden glitter pen, I drew few lotus plants towards base of box. Kept it subtle, hence elegant.

One word about the temporary green accent tray
Once was gifted something in a neat cardboard box. I saved the bottom of the box.
Here I have neatly covered the box with lovely papers in varying shades of green.
It looks nice as it has mingled into the room because of the green colour and also helps my keep a few things and books organized.

Now the box and the tray sit pretty in my living room along with other green accents

Hope you like the box
Its small utility item
to stash away keys or sweets...

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