Sunday, 12 October 2014


As per Hindu calender timings this time all puja were early in the morning.
We had Mahanavami and Dashami on the same day.

Devi Durga on the MahaNavami

Here the Purohit-moshai(Priest) is giving directions for the Havan(prayer offered in presence of fire with chanting of mantras or holy verses). He forced my hubby to change into white Dhoti(long white cloth wore as lowers), tie a gamcha pagri(head gear) and also have a paatvastra(the orange cloth around his neck with deity names on it) before he sat to perform Havan in behalf of the whole community.

My daughter Aarotrika on my husband's right and son sitting on his left. They were mesmerized by the fire. 

Dashami Puja is over
We did Boron were in the Devi and her family are bade farewell just the way a married daughter is bade farewell when she proceeds for her  husband's home after her stay in Maike(mother's home).
This was followed by Sindoor khala, wherein all married women apply sindoor to each other and share sweets
Me in a red Taant saari holding Aarotrika

 Tearful moment
The Devi is going back to her abode
We went to ghaat(river bank) to witness Visarjan(immersion)

The holy water from the river was brought home and sprinkled.

बोलो बोलो दूर्गा  माई की... जय 
आश्चे बोछोर आबार होबे 
Next year we shall again have Durga Puja
have already started waiting...

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