Saturday, 11 October 2014


Mahashtami started early and ended with beautiful Sandhi Puja

It was fun waking up at 3am before dawn to go to Pandaal for making Mool Bhog(Anna or cereal prasaad for the Gods) for Ashthami
followed by Ashthami pushpanjali
Sandhi Puja

The 108 diyas were placed in shape of Devi's footprint
108 Lotus were bloomed
108 dhan(rice with husk) tied
108 dub(three branched grass tips) tied
 Best is when we all come together to lit the diyas with chanting of mantras

It is a pretty sight to behold

 Sandhyaarti time

Along with the Dhaak  and Dhuno(a type of dry gum from plants which when burnt gives out lovely scent)

Devi more beautiful on the Ashthami

Here is Dhunochi dance

My little ones performed in a group dance
Aarotrika woke up early after her afternoon nap
Time to get ready
I put nail paint on her for the first time.
Aarotrika was thrilled, a step towards growing up

Aalta(red colour) on feet

May God protect her from all evil

 They danced to tunes of
"Ek ekke ek
dui du guni chaar..."
The song says that children in the school are restless to see the preparations for Durga puja, can no more concentrate on studies...
 They even got lovely prizes for their performances
Kids: Adhrit, Aarotrika and Upasana
That's me on the right in the red Kantha saari

  After the Puja and all cultural events

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