Monday, 6 October 2014


Durgashashthi is here
Mothers ask for blessing for their children

We went Pandaal hopping in late morning
It rained here
Here's glimpse of a Pandaal in the shape of boat
Devi Durga is said to have come to her parent's house Earth on a boat this year

The rain stopped
Here is a small road off the main road and
we spot a beautiful Pandaal
The entrance

The entrance gateway
adorned in paintings and terracotta bells

Inside there were panels with many more paintings

 The Goddess with her family

There were many panels of paintings all around the pandaal

Each painting telling a folklore or

Religious story

 Another panel with Devi Durga, Laxmi, Saraswati, Ganesha, Kartike, lion and the demon Mahishasoor

 A little ahead another Pandaal in rich red colour

 Yet another neat and nice Devi murti

We went again at night
This Pandaal is in Gariyahaat

 You can see the croud
After crossing the croud we reached the Puja sthal, lovely

Here the decoration of the pandaal is with thin plywood, burlap and thermacol; and all coloured in sandstone shade
The walls and ceiling remind you of sand stone carved temples of Rajasthan

Neatly designed Pandaal closeby

Inside was a huge murti

I loved this Pandaal from Hindustaan Park
Very innovative
Verry interesting
The Gateway

From the ceiling is dangling shankha-pola (auspicious bangle of married bengali women). so many that can't see the ceiling

All the construction is with bamboo covered with Laal paar shada saari( red bordered white saari), sindoor (vermilon), diyas(lamps), shankha-pola(auspicious bangle of married bengali women) and red jaaba flower(Hibiscus)

All the statues of deities are made with cloth 

Stories from Devi Durga and Kali potrayed

Another small entrance to the main hall

Paintings of Shakti

Red sindoor
Jaba phool
Big eyes
Laal paar shada saari

Garbhagriha of Pandaal
Beautiful statue
Simple but striking decor

The ceiling of the same pandaal
painting and Laal paar shada saari

There are Pandaal at stone throw distance
Roads are full of excited people who come out just like me and you to see all the creative Pandaal and Devi murtis
The stalls are full of array of delicious fast foods
Some stalls for books, toys and decorative items
The air has the smell of Dhuno
Maa Durga is amongst us


  1. Nice pics. It was fun strolling in the streets of Kolkata at night, the whole city was out pandal hopping. Very exciting. Good fun!!!!

  2. vow mom,,,,thnks a ton saw lovly pandals which I missed even gave description .god bless