Saturday, 31 May 2014


Hey check this!

 This used to be my younger one's PT(physical training/sportday) weekly uniform last year in Kindergarten junior class . Well obviously he wore this dress for not more than 35 days last year and not more than 5 hours a day. Result the colour of T-shirt has not changed a shade, and not a thread astray, (just like new). I could not throw it away or pass it on to any body suitable, had to do something with it urgently before my kids could outgrow it.

This is the original T-shirt with logo of school in front. I need to hide this.

This is back of T-shirt with name of school. I need to hide this too.

My child wanted a car. So I sketched a car.

 Coloured it too..

Now I looked into my discarded lot of clothings which had something in them that could be reused or recycled. So I got cut outs from jersey material, knit material, and velvet; none of these loose threads at ends.
I used back stitches to fix the cutouts to T-shirt.
Is this looking bit too crude
Well there's a purpose
  • fixing appliqué to T-shirt
  • decorative purpose
  Is this not looking nice now with the button hole stitch on the back stitch?

Note as this is a kid's wear, I used contrast colours to give toonish look. Then embellish with whatever your like (buttons/ paint/ sequin/...)

On the front I used collar of a discarded baby sweater to make a flower finished with a button in center. I used my Aunt's crochet book to crochet a butterfly.

There my Aarotrika modeling this T-shirt on a recycled denim skirt.

Here is the car. Ride on it through the greens, flowers, butterflies....


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  2. Replies
    1. Hey there is another car ride T-shirt coming up for Adhrit..

  3. Too good ma'm
    Very creative
    Puja & Ritesh


    1. Thankyou! Am very happy to find your comment here. Please do keep visiting this blog. Love to kids, hope we meet soon...

  4. Too good
    Very creative
    - puja & Ritesh


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