Thursday, 5 June 2014


These beautiful works of embroidery are done by my hubby's maternal aunt(Chotomamima) Paromita . This time in summer break of my kids we all went out meeting all relations, and in on such visit, I requested Mamima to show some of her works. I love the neat work, tiny stitches placed neatly to make each piece. She is  very camera shy so could not take her pic , but she is as pretty as her beautiful creations bellow..
This piece is on an old linen bed sheet. Hope you can appreciate the fine stitches.

This is center work of the above bed sheet

Even the net in the flower is done with lot of sincerity

Love the dragonfly

Perfect spring time...

This is the pillow cover is with the above bed sheet

Flowers wishing sweet dreams from the corners of pillows

This is a lovely apple green pure silk saree with Gujrati/Sindhi kadahi or embroidery. Love the colours on the saree

This a woolen shawl with cross stitch embroidery

Blue shade Gujrati/Sindhi stitch work on dark fuschia pure silk saree and same embroidery on fuschia woolen shawl to complement the saree

Here is a close up of the circular motif used above

Each one of us, at our homes have some beautiful pieces of handwork done at leisure with lots of love and passion for the art form. Lets take them out and celebrate the passion behind them...


  1. vow,,,,,,what a collection,,,,really,,,,its too gud,,,,,,,,gud going ,,,god bless

  2. grz8t thought to assemble n display such gud work,,,,,,,cheers/