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शुभ नव वर्ष !

Shubh nav varsh! Happy new year to all!

In this new year I tried a new sweet dish inspired by Chef Vikas Khanna from his show in Fox Traveler. This dish originally is Puran poli of Maharashtra, BUT WITH A TASTY TWIST...
PURAN PLEASURES  just for you...

As you see the dish comprises of three cocktail sized samosa look alikes on a plate, hence, thus follows
The ingredients:
Maida(refined wheat flour): Calculate as 1 heaped teaspoon per samosa, so 3 heaped teaspoons per plate
Refined oil/ Ghee/ Clarified butter for moin and frying
Salt 1 pinch
Channa dal(split dehusked black gram): Calculate as 1 teaspoon per samosa, so 3  teaspoons per plate  Soak for 4 hrs.
Gur/ Jaggery upto taste
Jaiphal grated 1 pinch
Green illaichi/cardamom: 2-3 crushed
Honey: to drizzle


1. First of all put the soaked dal in a Pressure cooker and cook to one whistle. The dal is cooked but retains its shape. Now remove all excess water. With the back of laddle mash the dal to a coarse mix. Add Jaiphal and illaichi. Add gur to taste. Mix and keep aside.

2. Take maida and one pinch salt. Add as much oil/ ghee/ butter so that on mixing the mixture resembles bread crumbs

3. In the picture bellow I took a fistful of the mixture and see it retains its form

4. Put as little as water as possible and make a dough. Make small balls of 1 inch diameter.

5. Using a roller pin flatten to a circle

6. With knife cut the circle into two halves


8. Pick one end fold, keeping the center of circle in mind, press at center to join

9. pick this shape up in your hand join the the two free ends(may use a drop of water as glue

10. See what I have here is a cone. Ensure joints are sealed well.

11. Hold the cone with open side up

12. Put the pooran or the dal mix made in first step

13. Press well and feeling should move till the very tip of cone. dip your finger in water and glide along the open edge of the cone

14. Now hold the joint and the opposite sides together

15. Seal the edges tightly

16. Make the "samosa" sit. Note that the joint line from the tip to the base frill is in middle, give a better look.

16. On a plate  align and sit three samosas together to make circle. This will give them shape.

17. Heat oil/ butter/ ghee in a deep kadai/ wok. Once the oil/ butter is hot, reduce the flame to minimum. Cook three or more samosas at a time, one side at a time on LOW FLAME till golden brown

18. Set them aside in sets of three

19. To Plate: On the plate pour some Kheer, place the set of three samosas, and dizzles a little honey

20 And its ready to serve...

Here is some alternatives

Pooran use your imaginations: Dry fruits pooran, pooran as in gujiyas...
Kheer: Might try condensed milk, sandesh with kheer
Honey: Sugar syrup 
or any combination , just ensure the combination of pooran + kheer + drizzle must have taste and flavours which enhance each other and NOT contradict. Flare your imagination say chocolate pooran+ vanilla custard + chocolate sauce/mapple syrup...


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