Thursday, 4 May 2017

Me Made May 2017: Day 4

Today something different...
My daughter's dress..
I sew frocks and tops for my daughter.

Day 4

This dress is made of two fabrics:
Block printed light pink textured fabric and
Double shaded thread weave south cotton in aubergine/violet fabric.
There is alternate fabric piping to highlight the edgings..
The lower part is simple A line cut...
There are purple buttons at the back..
Most lovely part:
It has small gungroos/bells sewn in the waist which tinkle softly with every movement. Just love the sound..

Here is my darling Aarotrika sitting on the window sill of my in-law's ancestral house.
Old houses have their own charm
Thick walls
Solid wood windows

Hope you like this dress
and also like my showing some kids stuff made by me...
C you tomorrow!

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