Saturday, 20 September 2014


Hi! A very big Hi!!
Autumn is here!

Let us celebrate by making a paper folder in colours of Autumn. You need one to keep all the beautiful brightly coloured memories in it, or may send some invites.

Here are two lovely handmade papers.

 This is a A3(16.4 inch x11.6inch or 41cm x30cm approximately) size rust coloured handmade paper. Look closer, it has few silk fibers embedded in it.

This is another textured handmade paper.

Now I have simply folded the A3 paper along its length to give the shape of folder.

I have used the textured paper to make the pocket inside the folder. For this folder I have cut the paper as 3.4 inch or 9cm height; and 8.5 inch or 22cm approximately (i.e. width of the folded folder and 1cm extra on both sides for the pocket.

It is Autumn, so I sketched few leaves on the back side of the textured cut piece of paper on one long edge (this edge shall form the open edge of pocket). 

With a sharp pair of scissors cut out the motif.

See how beautifully the cut out design stands out against the other colour background.

Now I also had a bright orange textured handmade paper (in rather less quantity). Using the same cut out as reference I sketched some more leaves in continuity to previous cutout, but, this time on the front side of orange paper.

Neatly cut out. Using zig-zag edged scissors I also cut the rest of the strip of orange paper which is cut about 8.3inch or19.5cm in length.

Put glue on reverse edge on the textured paper and stick the orange paper.Lovely design! Isn’t it? Fold about 0.3inch or 1cm of textured paper on the other three sides, and the pocket is formed. Stick the pocket inside the folder on the right hand page flush to the lower edge.Pretty!

Front of the folder needs dressing up. This is a lovely thin handmade paper with flower petals embedded in it. Cut it using zig-zag craft scissors to a size of 1inch less on all sides of finish folder. Stick it with glue.

How to keep the folder closed, when not in use? Use a belt. For this I used strips of orange paper and a maroon dotted satin ribbon.

Here is my belt. The length of orange strip is about 0.4 inch more than twice width of folder. The satin ribbon is long enough to tie a bow around the folder.

Tie the belt in middle of folder. If you want to send this as invite, put the contents in the pocket and stick the ends of orange paper of belt and on top of it tie the satin bow. This makes it more personalized. Very dainty!

Enjoy the experiences!
Cherish the memories!
Take care!

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