Friday, 29 August 2014

DURGA PUJA-1; Making of the the DEV-DEVI murti

‘Sharat, tomar arun alor anjali...’
(‘Sharat, your offering of sunlight’)
This is a beautiful song by Kavi Rabindranath Tagore about Sharad ritu(early autumn season).


Love this time of the year.
The sun shines extra bright and happy from in between the clouds. The sun feels warm, refreshing and has a feel of taking away all the germs and dirt.
Its time to open up your trunks, boxes and suitcases to take out all things precious and air them.
Love the smell of sun-kissed linen.

There's something in the air. The blooms this time have just started to bud, and soon the air will fill with sweet intoxicating smell, which makes me nostalgic, and takes me back to childhood Durga Pujo holidays.
I wait for this the whole year


The Kumortuli (potters-residential area) is busy with mud, straw, bamboo, non-toxic colours, shola, shiny cut-out of ornaments and weapons, and shiny fabric in bright colours.
These are the preliminary mold cut motifs and small murti face.

The craftsman or murtikaar at work...

The asura...
looks ferocious enough even now

The bamboo frame is made and tied around with straw and mud to give body and shape

The clay used is soft river bed mud

The murtikaar with his expertise give shapes to many Dev-Devis

Each murti has a mythological story to say

Each story glorifies the good virtues and their victory over the bad

Like the detailing done on the hood of the snake

The simple water colour adding more vibrance

The vahan Lion in the making

Each step takes closer to more majestic forms

The singha (lion) ready to pounce and tear the asura to pieces

Some of the murtis (idol or statues) are made at the venue itself, as they are big and can be difficult to transfer them from kumartuli to venue.



The assembled murti before the Puja begins

Shorod kaler roder jilik
Shiuli fuler gohdho'
Maa esche ghore tai
Mone elo anando.
Kumor tuli holo khali
touri holo dhaki...

(The glimpse of the sunlight of early autumn
beautiful smell of shiuli flower
Mother Durga is coming
So my heart is full of happiness
The potter's colony is getting empty
Drummers are getting ready...)

Have a blessed Durga Pujo!
Have a healthy, happy and successful life ahead!

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