Monday, 11 November 2013

Shubho KALI Pujo and Happy Deepawali

The English calender is a solar calender and Hindu calender is a lunar calender. There always are some variations to time. Everything has some plus points. This year we celebrated Kali Puja on Saturday night 2nd November 2013 and Deepawali on Sunday night 3rd November 2013.

The night before the Kali pujo we lit up "Choddo-pradeep" and eat "Choddo-shak". "Choddo" means "fourteen/ 14"."Pradeep" is diya or earthen lamp. "Shak" is Bhaji or leafy greens.
Since childhood I remember going to market and neighbouring kitchen gardens in search of fourteen different types of lefy greens. Be it spinach, pumpkin leaf, bottle gourd leaf, potato leaf, bengal gram leaf, cabbage leaf, bathua, cholai, laal/red bhaji/saag, methi/fenugreek leaves, makai/corn leaf, sarso/mustard leaf....all edible leaves have to sum up to fourteen to cook up a dish for night for everybody in husehold to eat. The search is fun.
After the dusk time puja/prayers we lit up 14 pradeeps in respect to our last late fourteen generations or Purvapurush.

We again went pandal hoping...
Kali Devi, a form of Parvati/ Shakti. When a monster was not being killed by anyone and was tormenting people around Devi Kali came to rescue and killed the monster and went on killing all sinners. Her appearance was scary and anger went out of proportions and then calm her down Lord Shiva lied down in her path. She in her went ahead and stepped on chest of Shiva( her husband). Immediately she calmed down and relised her mistake of putting feet on husband's chest and in that shock her tongue came out, so this form.

There is beauty even in this form of anger.

May the Devi remove evil from our lives fill us with light.....

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