Thursday, 14 November 2013

Drama on T-shirts

I went to the market once and found two fluorescent bright colored high neck full-sleeved T-shirts. Any mother would agree the how useful are such Tees for the evenings and start of winters.
Imagine  blank Tees mean................fresh canvas...
Yellow yellow dirty fellow
sitting on a buffalo!
funny, strange, eh!?
but a bright sunny yellow happens to be one of the choicest colour of my child

I saw
I dreamt
I drew on paper
I liked
Now its on the T

Whenever you want to embroider or appliqué  on Tee or any woven material, remember to leave ample cloth on sides of your embroidery so that the fabric is able to stretch while wearing and taking off.

You see all is not embroidered.
There are mushroom tops and thunder that I painted.
Rest all is simple  stitches...

Have you watched Ratatouille movie with your kids? remember this scene...

Turn the Tee
Why should only one side of Tee say a story, let your back/front all speak for themselves.
The sun on sunny Tee
A road with houses and trees
Aarotrika and Adhrit playing near milestone...

These appliqués are made of one inch to two inches square or small pieces of left over clothes from my earlier stitching ventures. Adhrits' Tee here is a piece of printed flannel clothe, left over from my son's dress (blue flannel night suit with teddy printed on it). So is the sun.
and so on and little stitches here and there completing the picture...

This bright green just wanted me to make a hill side with grass and wild flowers.
So here are Aarotrika and Adhrit riding up the hill to the apple tree on their tricycles...

See the apples are cheap red buttons, rest is small pieces of clothes appliquéd  and some simple stitches...

The other side is paint and ribbons...

My darlings modeling for me...


  1. Too adorable, and I love the way you have described the whole process, like a nice poem, not like a set of instructions.

  2. Kindly add hyperlink to ratatoulie movie from say wikipedia.
    It is looking excellent
    Good work


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