Tuesday 18 July 2017

Drab to FAB: Painted Leather Bag

Had been wanting to do this craft since a long time.
Watched many Internet sources and videos.
Finally did it.

This was a favorite bag of mine in white leather. As with other white objects, this bag also lost its luster. But the lining, chain and lock is still in excellent conditions. Just couldn't throw it away.

Wiped  the surface with cotton dipped in alcohol to remove any protective layer over the leather and to prepare the leather for new pigment.
I used acrylic colors.
You need more than two coats of diluted acrylic with water (1:1 ratio). Crush and twist the bag well before each coat, so that the next coat fills in any crack or wrinkle.
Let the paint dry completely between each coat of color.
Once you are satisfied with the color, give final UNdiluted coat of acrylic paint.

Recently I was watching many videos on brush painting art of Rosmaling.
This is my first attempt at Rosemaling.

After many patient hours
My bag is ready!!

Here is my new bag :)

It looks great! I wore it to a party and my friends liked it.
You got to try painting leather...

Am joining link parties at


  1. Wow! You made a silk purse out of a sow's ear! Gorgeous! You have added many years to the life of this bag.

  2. Thank you so much Alison Palmer for your appreciation. I liked reviving my bag so much, that I painted yet another bag (my latest post) Hope you like it too. Do keep visiting my blog...


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