Friday, 6 January 2017



Wishing you all a wonderful year ahead!
This year first post shall be a lovely indigo runner made by me..
ANYONE JUST ANYONE who can hold a needle with thread and put it through a fabric can do this.. Easy and amazingly beautiful.

I had a fine cesmet cotton fabric in indigo just the right length for a table runner.
Hem the edges.
May add a little crochet lace or trimming on the sides to decorate it.

Did a lot of net surfing for shashiko embroidery from Japan.
Made a few designs inspired by them and for rest..
Realized I just need a pattern to repeat itself neatly.
I made many designs and wanted all of them..
So divided the runner into portions for each pattern.
While you sew simple run, make sure that even the back is neat with minimum threads and knots.
Used single strand two ply wool to sew. It gives good textured look. One can also get special threads for shashiko embroidery ordered through net.

 Draw a pattern add cut it out. Using a fabric marking chalk repeat the pattern on the fabric aget your own design.
Bellow Left: Pentagon cut out and repeated.
Another design: Zig-saw puzzle piece from my kids toys repeated

 Here is the finished runner.
Please click on the image to get clearer view of designs.

Here is my Blue Shashiko runner on white table cloth.
Modern, yet traditional!

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