Friday, 14 October 2016


Hi! A few days back I stumbled upon a folder in computer with some pictures of my adventure in turning bland T-shirts into funky ones. I took these pictures some four years back maybe..
See how I jazzed up two plain high neck T-shirts..
 My kids four years back
How time flies...

OK, I started by buying plain high neck full sleeves T-shirts in sunny yellow and lemon green for my kids. I still do so: buy plain Ts and jazz them up to get a customized unique wardrobe member.
Note in the next image I drew some outlines with pencil on the T

All I did was simple patchwork or appliqués,  simple stitches as stem, back, chain or button-hole, a few buttons here and ribbon there, and sometimes acrylic paint..
Here is a scene of kids having fun on a sunny day near home

I don't spare any surface :)
Here is a scene inspired from The Ratatouille animation movie, on the other side of T

Now the next T-shirt
Here are my kids cycling up a small hillock upto an apple tree
See the apples are small buttons

On the other side of T...
The shoes lace are red satin ribbon stitched up sparingly on to the T

My kids
My Kids saying cheeese
Hope you all enjoyed my early venture into photographing from my early days of blogging.

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  1. How cute are these shirts! Thank you for sharing at Home Sweet Home!