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With festive season round the corner, holidays afore and house full of dear ones; a homemaker needs quick fixes, store supplies and yet present delicious food.
Here i have for you a very easy and simple Mayonnaise recipe WITHOUT EGGS.
I made it tasting a bit at a time and adding ingredients
So here is what I did


  • Refined white flour (maida)           3 tablespoons
  • Butter                                          50 grams
  • Milk                                             2 and 1/2 cups
  • Salt                                             1 generous pinch
  • Sugar                                           2 tablespoons
  • White vinegar                               3 tablespoons


Take a heavy bottom utensil and let the butter soften in it. Mix it or rather mash it well with the flour to make a smooth paste.
Now put the utensil on medium flame. Don't fry the flour to brown shade. Instead if you want white mayonnaise start adding milk to it little a time and continuously keep whisking the bubbling boiling mix. Once the all the milk is used up and you feel the consistency is right, take the utensil away from the heat.
Let it cool down
Gradually add in salt, sugar and vinegar to it and mix well
Taste it and you can improvise upon it as per your own taste.


Note: While the utensil is on flame keep whisking continuously to avoid lumps in your mayonnaise

This is a very interesting part. You can make any kind of spread or dip with this basic mayonnaise by adding a little twist, such as:
  1. Add a little tomato sauce as per your taste or wish for colour to get a pinkish tangy mayo
  2. Add a little mustard paste or kasundi to get the heat of mustard
  3. Add melted cheese of your choice
  4. Add assorted fine chopped herbs
  5. Add assorted fine sliced/chopped vegetables and/or fruits (the picture given bellow has pomegranates, lettuce leaves and pink onion chopped)
  6. Add a crushed garlic clove for a little Mediterranean taste
  7. Go non-vegetarian by adding shredded boiled chicken or mashed boiled egg or fish. Go grab your sandwich
  8. and many more from your imagination  
It stays well if kept in refrigerator in an air tight container  for a week or more
It has far less calories than egg mayonnaise or fresh cream
It has longer shelf life than egg mayonnaise

I tried this in number of occasions with friends and family, and they loved it
Now you try it
You will surely love it

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