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Saboodana or sago grains are easily available in grocer's shop. These white pearl like granules are pure starch and make many tasty dishes. One of them is saboodana poha. This particular dish is eaten specially as breakfast during some religious fasting( it give calories to tide over fasting period). I like it anyway anyday:).


Saboodana    1/2cup
Potato        1 medium size, cubed
Zeera(cumin)    1tsp
Red chilli    1 nos
Peanuts        1 to 2 tbs(depends on how nutty you are:)
Vegetable Oil    2tbs
Sea salt    to taste
Note:Soak saboodana in water for 3 to 4 hours till it swells up to 1.5 times its size and is soft inside.Drain.

Take a wok and let the oil heat.
Put in the peanuts and fry them to golden brown, take out and keep aside.
In the same oil put in zeera/cumin seeds and whole red chilli, let them crackle.
Put the cubed potatoes and salt to taste and fry till potatoes are done.
Now put in the drained saboodana and fried peanuts in the wok, keep tossing or stirring. You shall be noticing the white saboodana changes to translucent pearls.Its done.
Enjoy with Indian masala or Adrak chai/tea.

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  1. The combo of the nuts and starches sound satisfying! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!