Tuesday, 15 July 2014


Here's a sneak peak...
Here's a royale pink T-shirt for my doll, Aarotrika.
Why always complicate life?
Here are some ready to sew roses; and some pearls.
 Though things look random in life there is always profound logic to what's happening in and around you.
So mark the places where you want to sew the roses and pearls.

Vow it's ready!

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  1. Such a sweet top. Very nice! It's really easy to join the blog party. All you need to do is copy and paste the actual post that you would like to share and enter it on the on links link up. I think you always add the link, give your, name, and also some links require email. You then pick a photo from your blog post, I am sure it prompts that. You can crop it to your liking. Then hit done. It is also good etiquette to add the link of the party your joining at the bottom of your post. Such as : I am linking with Home Sweet Home at The Charm of Home. That's it. Good luck and you're welcome to join my Home Sweet Home party every Thursday. I love to see crafts!