Thursday, 24 October 2013

Much needed and cherished break- Manipur-Continued.....

Hi! am so sorry to be late in writing again :(
So let me continue my journey in Manipur and start off with

such bright and fresh colours...

This image is of Ninthoukhong cannal in Manipur. Significant because of its role in hydro power generation; but more important to me because my parents used to live near here long back even before I was born. My parents were more thrilled about my Manipur visit than me.

The above two images are from the Second World War memorial build here by the Japanese government in respect for their martyrs in II world war.

This my little world in front of ISCKON temple in Imphal(capital city of Manipur). Just look at the blue pagodas with gold kalash.

 The temple is adorned with fine teak woodwork everywhere.
 This is wood carved Gaduda, just breathtaking.....

The ceilings are decorated with painting...

 A glimpse of the wooden door.

INA(Indian National Army) War Memorial with the statue and many artifact related to Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose can be seen here apart from the first hoisted Indian flag before freedom.

 This is the famous Loktak lake known for its floating vegetations.
 There are so many flora and fauna dependent on this.

Polo is said to have originated in Manipur. Here is the Imphal polo ground.

My kids celebrated Rakhi (Rakshabandhan) here in guest room.

Last day at Manipur. Kids enjoying the riverside. My daughter Aarotrika and son Adhrit.

Bye Manipur. We had a good rejuvenating time.

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